Why I Lead #SAVMP

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” (Anthony Robbins)  

Sometimes moments happen in our life that we don’t expect.  July 9th was one of those moments as I was appointed the new principal at Central Intermediate in Monmouth-Roseville. Although I was excited about this opportunity, I feared the many unknowns of this profession.  Fortunately, another great opportunity presented itself to me to help alleviate  my fears-the creation of #SAVMP, a virtual mentoring program.  George Couros @gcouros has organized more than three hundred passionate mentors and mentees across the globe to connect through blogs and Twitter, so that this profession does not become a “lonely job”, but rather one of continuous connections and improvement.

For the first blog, we are to reflect on “why we lead”. What perfect timing to reflect on this powerful question as I begin my journey as a first year principal.   When I first read the question, “why I lead”,  many different thoughts came to mind.  As I examined those thoughts more closely, three factors emerged that I consider the reasons why I pursued a degree in educational leadership.

My passion to coach others to become their best is why I lead. For ten years, I had the opportunity to coach athletes of various abilities to work towards a common goal.   Through this experience, I learned that with a shared vision, high expectations, and a belief in each other, great things can be accomplished.  With the current shifts in education, coaching teachers is an integral part of educational systems.  I want to take the knowledge I gained from coaching and apply it to an academic setting.

Another reason I lead is to implement my educational vision. As a teacher, I could only directly impact what took place in my classroom.  As an educational leader, my vision will empower staff and students; thus, extending my impact.  With this educational vision, I can truly advocate for children of all abilities so that each can reach his or her fullest potential.

 Rita Pierson once said, “every kid needs a champion”.  This is another reason I lead. I want to become a leader who does what it takes for students to succeed. In order to accomplish this, I must create a nurturing environment where relationships matter.  We are blessed to be educators because every day we can inspire and empower children to reach their dreams.  As a leader, I will help create an environment that fosters relationships between administrators, teachers, support staff,  students, parents, and community. Through these relationships, it will be my hope to find a champion for each student.

Thank you, George Couros for giving me an opportunity to reflect on such a meaningful question, “WHY I LEAD”!


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